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NaviHo Nomad Single Bed

Rightsized Tiny House/Caravans have minimised the use of plastic and replaced it with wood and recyclable metals. They are Designed to last 50 years plus, instead of 15, using sustainable materials. The Rightsized models require minimal infrastructure, has self generating Off grid utilities allowing modern, minimalist, low carbon cool living.

NaviHo Nomad Two Bed

Due regard has been given in the design phase to ease of manufacture and installation, ease of operation, ease of maintenance and sustainability and carbon footprint with each unit designed to be wholly or largely recyclable at end of life.

NaviHo Tribe Lodge

Rightsized Ltd have expertise across a wide spectrum of expertise. From Sustainable development and design, renewable energy, bio fuels, anaerobic digestion systems, business management and development, sales and marketing, though to aviation.


Our uniquely designed buildings can be used as a normal house, with the added benefit of the opportunity to live in a more idyllic countryside setting, and the option to move their home should the need arise. Our optional flat pack feature is a market first in this area. We offer 1-2 bedroom on/off grid models as well as bespoke commercial enterprise buildings. Purchasing, finance or rental options will be made available.

A new approach
“Rightsized LTD originated in response to the growing need for affordable housing. A new sustainable model using ecological sourced materials and employing low carbon solutions.”

Nomad Two Bed

The Tiny House movement originated in the United States and is gaining popularity in the UK. Setting houses on transportable foundations allows them to be moved to where they are needed. Facilitating a flexible and affordable living solution comes into its own for first time buyers as a bridge between living with parents and living independently, as well as for those wishing to avoid onward chains in-between property transactions.

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