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Rightsized Ltd is the sole manufacturing and design company of NaviHo home systems

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Tiny Houses are manufactured to meet demand as part of our on-going production, and are available for residential and business purposes. Our high-end transportable modular housing units are available to purchase in kit form or ready-built with a number of up-gradable and customisable options.


NaviHo (Navigable Home) is part of the Tiny House movement that originated in the United States and is gaining popularity in the UK. Setting houses on transportable foundations allows them to be moved to where they are needed, and while it is a good idea to check with your local council, planning permission is typically not required.
NaviHo is designed to be used as a normal house, but gives people the opportunity to live in more idyllic countryside settings, and the option to move their home should the need arise.Freelancers who work for several months near one town or city may be required to relocate for their next job, while those who are able to work remotely may prefer a change of scenery every so often. NaviHo facilitates a wide range of possibilities.


Financing & mortgages:

If you would like to purchase a Tiny House with a mortgage or a financing package, we will soon be able to provide a range of options. 

Land purchase & rental:

If you are looking for land to place your Tiny House on, we will soon be able to help find the perfect location for you.

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