We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Bill Dunster

Chief Architect

Prior to setting up ZEDfactory in 1999, Bill worked at Michael Hopkins and Partners, for 15 years, on projects specialising in low energy and sustainable developments, including the Jubilee Campus at Nottingham University, and Portcullis House in Parliament Square. Zedfactory aims to demonstrate that a step change reduction in carbon footprint is achievable at the same time as an increase in overall quality of life, and completed the first carbon neutral mixed used scheme, BedZED in 2002 using these principals.


Nick Cooper


Nick joins the team from Natural England where, for ten years, he was a Senior Project Manager on sustainable farming and environmental schemes. In addition he led a programme on farming without fossil fuels, sustainable materials from farming, and small scale anaerobic digestion systems. Before that, he was a Senior agricultural and Business Management consultant with a national commercial Company.

Neil Hall-McLean


Has an extensive background in business management and consultancy, combined with significant experience in property and development. Having spent a large portion of his career in the corporate world, Neil left to focus on more important matters, and is committed to finding solutions to problems that impact society and the environment. Neil is so passionate about building affordable homes, building the very first NaviHo prototype by hand and without any plans, because he already had a clear vision in his mind of what needed to be achieved.


Matthew Bulba


Mat has over 20 years of directorial experience setting up and delivering ground breaking environmental projects. His focus has been on finding solutions to how we can inhabit the planet without  further degrading the environment. His work has taken him from delivering Europe’s first Earthship with the Low Carbon Trust to setting up a waste conversion microbial research facility, as well as managing teams of engineers converting engines to alternative fuels and building anaerobic digestion plants. With extensive on the ground technical expertise he brings a wide skill set to the team.


Leo De Watts


Leo’s background is in aviation technology and business management, and while spending a number of years as a commercial airline pilot, he has also run a number of businesses and built up a property portfolio. Leo enjoys developing strategies to solve problems, and has had success in creating viral marketing and environmental awareness campaigns. Leo prefers to focus his attention on projects that solve wider issues; to help & protect people and our planet, and hence why Rightsized LTD was the perfect fit.