We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

We look forward to working with you.

The Black Barn team are committed to delivering all aspects of a zero carbon / zero waste future that actually works.

Mat and Bill worked together with the local community and the South Downs National Park to create the Off Grid break vision for Shoreham Cement works. Mat’s skills range from being part of the team that oversaw the building of the Brighton Earthship with the Low Carbon Trust to pioneering microbial and plant based alternative fuel technologies. Mat and Nick have collaborated on designing and delivering innovative micro AD farm gas units using Nick’s unparalleled understanding of the working landscape and rural economy in the South East after working as a senior Project manager for Natural England. Sue and Bill started the ZEDgroup [ zero fossil energy development ] and currently run the ZED-power architectural and product design studio. The Barlavington Estate have provided the Black Barn as a great location to start a rural production line, and local businesses and materials have been sourced within the National Park.

The team decided to collaborate on the design and construction of high quality, durable zero carbon affordable tiny homes. These use both the latest high technology CNC machining technologies and local timber sourced from the surrounding woodland. By using non toxic breathable and fireproof superinsulation, excellent airtightness, high performance doors and windows and heat recovery ventilation – it was possible to heat and cool the tiny house from a miniature air source heat pump that is small enough to be powered by renewable energy with battery storage for most of the year.

The expression of the low carbon construction suggests a contemporary vernacular more suited to the sublime English Landscape than the prevalent caravans and mobile homes. We believe that the climate emergency requires a new aesthetic, new technologies and a fresh approach to inhabiting the countryside. Whether you need a tiny home, a first home away from home, a staycation home or a rural key worker community – we believe we have the RightsiZED household for you.


Chief Architect

Prior to setting up ZEDfactory in 1999, Bill worked at Michael Hopkins and Partners, for 15 years, on projects specialising in low energy and sustainable developments, including the Jubilee Campus at Nottingham University, and Portcullis House in Parliament Square. Zedfactory aims to demonstrate that a step change reduction in carbon footprint is achievable at the same time as an increase in overall quality of life, and completed the first carbon neutral mixed used scheme, BedZED in 2002 using these principals.



Nick joins the team from Natural England where, for ten years, he was a Senior Project Manager on sustainable farming and environmental schemes. In addition he led a programme on farming without fossil fuels, sustainable materials from farming, and small scale anaerobic digestion systems. Before that, he was a Senior agricultural and Business Management consultant with a national commercial Company.



Mat has over 20 years of directorial experience setting up and delivering ground breaking environmental projects. His focus has been on finding solutions to how we can inhabit the planet without  further degrading the environment. His work has taken him from delivering Europe’s first Earthship with the Low Carbon Trust to setting up a waste conversion microbial research facility, as well as managing teams of engineers converting engines to alternative fuels and building anaerobic digestion plants. With extensive on the ground technical expertise he brings a wide skill set to the team.